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Our Longhair-Dachshound-Kennel is breeding
red, black & tan, b/t dappled, ( + we'll breed in the nearest future chocolate & chocolate-dapples ) Zwerg and Kaninchen-Dachshounds. Their ancestors come from the leading kennels like "della Canterana"( Italy ), Sundsdal's ( Denmark ), Gayville's ( United Kingdom ), "vom Rainerschloessl"( Austria ), "vom Benthener Forst", "aus der Bummelke", "Humboldtruh", "vom Pfauenhof"( Germany ), "Wijsterhoeve"( Netherlands ), "Kartus"( Slowakia ).

We try to breed healthy, well-boned, but elegant dogs, with strong temperament, nice movements, beautifull heads & hair, good top-lines. Most of our dogs have working certificates.

We congratulate all dachshounds breeded in our kennel and their owners that are living in Russia, Germany, Italy, Finland, USA, UK, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, Lietuva, Estonia, Byelorussia, Moldavia and Ukraine and wish them all the best for the future shows!

We are very open-minded for cooperation with all Dachshound-friends all over the World!

Svetlana Baranova-Stockmann

Telephone and fax in St. Petersburg (812) 533-05-45, 535-69-44;

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